Wajib Acts of the Salah

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Wajib Acts of the Salah

There are eighteen (18) Wajib in the Salah. They are as follow:

  • To Recite Surah Al-Fatiha.
  • To recite any surah or small three Aayah (after surah Al-Fatiha).

Three cases of recitation of Surah or Aayah:

  • To recite any surah or small three Aayah in any two Rak’ah of Farz Salah (after surah Fatiha).
  • To recite any surah or small three Aayah in all Rak’ah of the Salah of Witr Salah (after surah Fatiha).
  • To recite any surah or small three Aayah in all Rak’ah of the Nafil Salah (after surah Fatiha).
  • To fix first two Rak’ah for recitation.
  • To recite Surah Fatiha before other surah or Aayah.
  • To put nose along with forehead on the earth in prostration (Sujood).
  • To do second prostration (Sujood) in each Rak’ah before starting other Rak’ah.
  • To perform all Rukn (part of Salah) with calm (without any hurry).
  • To sit in the first sitting (Qaida-e-Ula).
  • To read Tashahhud in Qaida-e-Ula.
  • To read Tashahhud in last sitting too (Qaida-e-Akhira).
  • To stand for third Rak’ah after Tashahhud without any delay.
  • To conclude Salah with the word “Assalamu Alaikum”.
  • To read Dowa-e-Qunut in witr Salah.
  • To say extra Takbeer in both Eid Salah.
  • To say Takbeer-e-Iftetah (first Takbeer from which Salah starts).
  • To say Takbeer for Ruku in the second Rak’ah of both Eid Salah (as extra Takbeer are pronounced in second Rak’ah before going to Ruku so Imam Cam miss it unwillingly that’s why it is made Wajib ).
  • Recitation by Imam must be loudly (Qirat-e-Jahri).

Recitation must be made loudly in the following Salah:

  • Recitation in Fajr Salah.
  • Recitation in first two Rak’ah of Isha Salah even though it is offered Qaza.
  • Recitation in Juma Salah.
  • Recitation in both Eid Salah.
  • Recitation in Taraweeh Salah.
  • Recitation in Wirt Salah (in the month of Ramazan).
  • To recite in low voice (Qirat-e-Sirri).

Recitation must be made in low voice in few Salah and they are as follow:

  • Recitation in Zohar Salah.
  • Recitation in Asar Salah.
  • Recitation in the last two Rak’ah of Isha Salah.
  • Recitation in Nafil Salah.
  • The one who offers Salah alone (Munfarid) has the choice to recite loudly or in low voice in Jahri Salah (in which recitation is made loudly because in Sirri Salah he also must recite slowly).[1]

[1] (Hasan Bin Ammar,Al-Sharnabulali, Al-Hanafi: (2005): Nur Al-Idhah W Najat Al-Arwah: (Vol. 1): Al-Maktaba Al-Asria: Page 54-55)

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