The Golden Farm: Akbar and Birbal

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Akbar’s palace had many precious decoration items, but Akbar had a special attachment to a bouquet. Akbar always kept this bouquet near his bed. One day suddenly while cleaning the room of The King Akbar, that bouquet was broken by his servant. The servant panicked and tried hard to connect that bouquet, but failed. He threw the broken bouquet in the dustbin and started praying that the king should not know anything about it.

After some time, when The King Akbar returned to the palace, he saw that his favorite bouquet was not at its place. When the king asked the servant about that bouquet, the servant started trembling with fear. The servant didn’t think of any good excuse in a hurry, so he said to the King, I have taken that bouquet to my house, so that I can clean it properly. On hearing this, Akbar said, “Bring me that bouquet immediately.”

Now the servant had no way to escape. The servant told the truth to the King Akbar that the bouquet was broken. Hearing this, the king became enraged. In anger, the king sentenced that servant to death. The king said, “I do not tolerate lies. What was the need to lie when the bouquet had already broken!

The next day, when this incident was mentioned in the assembly, Birbal protested against it. Birbal said that every person tells a lie sometimes. If nothing bad or wrong is done by someone lying, then it is not wrong to lie. Hearing such words from Birbal’s mouth, Akbar got angry at Birbal at the same time. He asked the people in the assembly whether there is anyone here who has lied. Everyone told the king that no, he does not lie. On hearing this, the king expelled Birbal from the kingdom.

After leaving the court, Birbal decided that he would continue to prove that every person lies at some point of time in his/her life. An idea came in Birbal’s mind, after which Birbal went straight to the goldsmith. He got an earring made of gold from a jeweler to look like wheat and took it to the King Akbar’s assembly.

As soon as Akbar saw Birbal in the assembly, he asked why you have come here now. Birbal said, “Your Majesty, today such a miracle will happen, which no one has ever seen. You just have to listen to me completely. The curiosity of King Akbar and all the chairpersons increased and the king allowed Birbal to speak his mind.

Birbal said, “Today I saw a perfect man on the way. He gave me this wheat earring made of gold and said that in whatever field you plant it, gold crop will grow there. Now I need some land in your state to plant it. The king said, “This is a very good thing, let us get you the land.” Now Birbal started saying that I want the whole court to see this miracle. Following Birbal’s words, the entire royal court started towards the field.

“Arriving at the field, Birbal said that the crop would grow from this ear of wheat made of gold only if it was planted by a person who had never told a lie in his life. All the courtiers became silent after listening to Birbal and no one was ready to sow wheat.

King Akbar said that is there no such person in the court who has never lied in his life? Everyone was silent. Birbal said, “Your Majesty, now you plant this earring in the field.” The King Head bowed down after listening to Birbal. He said, “I have also told many lies in my childhood, so how can I impose this.” As soon as he said this, Emperor Akbar understood that Birbal was right that everyone in this world sometimes lies. Realizing this, Akbar stops the death sentence of that servant.

Moral of the story:

No one should be given a big punishment without thinking. Every work should be done after thinking. Also, a person should not be judged because of a small lie, because some situations are such that people lie.

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