Spoiler Mufsidat-E-Salah

Mufsidat-E-Salah This is very important to know the acts and activities nullify the prayer (Salah). We are going through the acts and reasons, which will nullify the Salah only by naming them. Some necessary details are covered above and some other are discussed in prostrations of forgetfulness. If we discuss them alone separately one by…

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The Salah of Juma

The Salah of Jumah Literary meaning: Jumah is an Arabic word which means “Gathering”. Religious Meaning: In religious prospective Jamah is a special day in which a specific adoration is assigned to Muslims to do that is Jumah Salah. Scholars differed upon when Jumah wan made obligatory first but majority of them said that first…

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Sunnat-e-Muakkada or Rawatib

Sunnat-e-Muakkada or Rawatib Sunnat-e-Muakkada: Literary: Sunnah means tradition and mode of life. In Shariat: Sunnah includes all the acts, sayings, speeches of Prophet PBUH and whatever He did in his entire life excluding obligatory acts. There are two kinds of the Sunnah: Sunan-e-Huda and this is also called Sunnat-e-Muakkada, it has the importance of the…

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