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This is very important to know the acts and activities nullify the prayer (Salah).

We are going through the acts and reasons, which will nullify the Salah only by naming them. Some necessary details are covered above and some other are discussed in prostrations of forgetfulness.

If we discuss them alone separately one by one, the chapter will be too long and we do need that. All necessary details are gives above.

Here are lists of around 70-80 reasons in each Mazhab. They will help us to make our prayer valid. These 70-80 are not all. They are all important and common issue. This is enough for us. May Allah give us taoufiq to abide the law of Sharia.

According to Hanafi Mazhab:

  • Speaking knowingly or by mistake or by forgetting. Details are given above separately.
  • Duwas that are similar to our talks. Details are given above separately.
  • Salam (Greeting of Islam). Details are given above separately.
  • Answering the Salam.
  • Works, which considered lot of work. Details given above separately.
  • To turn the chest from the Qibla.
  • Eating something from the outside of the mouth.
  • Eating something more than a chickpea from the mouth.
  • Drinking from outside the mouth.
  • Drinking anything from the mouth more than a chickpea.
  • Hawking without any reason.
  • To say Uff or like sound which is sounded at time of pain.
  • Wailing
  • Moaning or groaning
  • Crying loudly because of pain or any accident except for listening the name of the Paradise or the Hell.
  • To answer a sneezer by Saying “Yar HamuKa Allahu” يرحمك الله.
  • To answer by La Ilaha Illal Laah “لا إله إلا الله”, after listing the words of apostasy or alike things.
  • To Say Inna Lillah “إنا لله” after listing any bad news.
  • To say Al-Hamdu Lillah “الحمد لله” after listening any good news.
  • To show the likeness and love by La Ilaha Ilal Laah/ Masha Allah “لا إله إلا الله أو ما شاء الله”.
  • To show the likeness and love by Subhan Allah “سبحان الله”.
  • Anything (words or action) meant for an answer.
  • If a man who did Tayammum finds the water.
  • If the time of Musah on leather or hard socks expires.
  • Removing the leather socks after doing Mush (wiping) on them.
  • If an illiterate learn an Ayah of the Holy Quran.
  • If a naked person gets cloth/
  • A handicapped performing the Salah, became abled for Ruku and Sujood.
  • If someone who is a man of Tarteeb (sequence and order) of the Salah remembers any skipped Salah.
  • Replacing a man as Imam who is not able for Imamah (leading).
  • Rising of the Sun in the Salah of Fajar.
  • The time of the midday on the day of Eidain.
  • If the time of Asar inters in the day of Juma. It means the Juma prayer reaches to Asar time.
  • Dropping the splint of wound.
  • If a permanent sick person gets recovered.
  • The Hadas willingly.
  • The Hadas by acts others (details are explained above).
  • To get unconscious.
  • To get mad in the Salah.
  • To discharge semen in sleeping during the prayer.
  • To discharge the semen by seeing or thinking anything (girls or bad scene etc.).
  • To stand with a sexually attracted woman in same place without any veil in the same prayer. (Please see the details).
  • To appearance of the Satar (the part of body which is necessary to be covered) for a person who is going to make the Tahara for continuation of the Salah[1]. If it is necessary then also, Salah will be invalid as if woman opens her hands for Wazu.
  • Taking a pause by the above-mentioned person as the time of doing a part of the Salah after his Hadas.
  • Crossing the nearest water to other for a person nullified ablution.
  • The exiting of a person from the Masjid in the suspension of Hadas.
  • His crossing the line of the Salah or Sutra to out of the Masjid in suspension of the Hadas or
  • Thinking of braking Wazu (ablution).
  • Suspension of Najas in body.
  • Suspension of skipping the Salah for man of Tarteeb. If he does not go out of Masjid, it is better to renew his Salah.
  • His starting the Salah after wazu while Imam is in the Salah.
  • His starting another Salah while his half Salah is left.
  • Reciting from the Quran, which is not memorized.
  • The appearance of Satar as long as Rukun can be performed.
  • Doing the Salah with Najas more than one dirham more than a Rukun or equal to it.
  • Accepting the input or correcting or reminding (Luqma) of someone who is not in the Salah or giving the Luqma to others who are not Imam of this person.[2]

[1] It means a person was in the Salah. During his prayer, he broke Wazu and went to make it. Then any part of the satar appears, the Salah will be invalid. If the part is opened necessarily as removing cloth to hand wash in wadu also will cancel the Salah.

[2] (Hasan Bin Ammar: Nurul Iwzah wa Najatul Arwah: Al-Maktaba Al-Asria: 2005: Vol.: 1: P.: 68-70)

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