Journey to Heaven – Akbar Birbal story

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Once upon a time, King Akbar was thinking something while sitting in his court. Then suddenly he realized that his beard and hair had grown a lot. As soon as this idea came, he called one of his courtiers and sent a message to the barber to be present immediately. As soon as the king’s message was received, the barber reached the palace.

After reaching the palace, the barber was shaving the king when a crow comes from somewhere and sits there and starts caw-crow. King Akbar asks the barber, “Why is this crow cawing?” the barber replies, “He has come to tell about the condition of your forefathers.”

As soon as the barber said this, King Akbar asked in surprise, “Then let me know, what is this crow telling about my ancestors?”

On this question of the king, the barber says, “This crow is saying that your ancestors are in trouble in heaven and are very upset. You should send someone close to you to heaven to inquire about his well being.

King Akbar gets even more surprised after hearing this talk of the barber. King Akbar asks the barber in surprise, “How can a person be sent to heaven alive?”

On this question of the king, the barber replies, “Your Majesty, in my eyes there is a priest who can do this work. Just persuade someone close to you to go to heaven for this work.

On this assurance of the barber, King Akbar gets ready and calls all his close courtiers in the court. On the orders of the king, all the close courtiers appear before King Akbar.

All the courtiers ask the king the reason for his sudden call. On this the king tells them all that happened with the barber. After listening to the king, all the courtiers unanimously put forward the name of Birbal. The courtiers say that there can be no one better than Birbal to go to heaven to inquire about the condition of the ancestors, because Birbal is the most intelligent among of all of us. Therefore, by taking the condition of your ancestors in heaven, he can easily solve their problems.


Following this advice of the courtiers, King Akbar prepares to send Birbal to heaven. As soon as he came to know about this, Birbal called the priest and asked Emperor Akbar about the method of sending him to heaven.

On this matter of Birbal, the priest is called in the palace. As soon as the priest arrives, he is asked about the method of going to heaven. The priest explains, “You will be sent to a nearby haystack right here. Later that haystack will be set on fire. Then with the power of some mantras you will be sent to heaven.

After knowing the whole process of going to heaven, Birbal asks King Akbar for about 11 days time and talks about calling the priest after 11 days. He says, “I am going to heaven and it is difficult to say with certainty how many days it will take me to return. So, before going to heaven, once I want to meet my family and spend some time.”

Birbal leaves the palace to go home. 11 days pass by in no time. On the 12th day, Birbal appears before King Akbar to go to heaven. The priest is called and preparations are made to send Birbal to heaven.

The priests get a haystack made some distance away from the palace to send Birbal to heaven. Birbal is sent inside a pile of haystack to be sent to heaven. Once inside the haystack, the priests set fire to the haystack and the process of sending Birbal to heaven is complete.

Slowly two months pass and King Akbar starts worrying about Birbal. Then suddenly Birbal appears in the court. King Akbar is pleased to see Birbal and inquires about the well-being of his ancestors.

Then Birbal says, “Your ancestors are very happy and enjoying themselves. He has only one problem that his beard and hair have grown very big, which no barber in heaven can cut. So, there they need a barber.”

Birbal says, “In such a situation, we should prepare to send a good barber to heaven for your ancestors.” On this talk of Birbal, the king orders the barber to go to heaven.

The barber gets scared after hearing the king’s order and starts apologizing by falling at the king’s feet. The barber tells the king that he had done all this at the behest of a minister named Abdullah. It was his entire plan, so that he could remove Birbal from his path. Now the whole truth had come in front of King Akbar. After knowing all this, King Akbar ordered to punish the minister Abdullah and his companions.

In the end, King Akbar asks Birbal, “How did you come to know this truth and how did you survive after the haystack caught fire?” Then Birbal replies, “I had an idea of this conspiracy after hearing about going into the heap of fire. That is why I had asked for 11 days time. In those 11 days, I made a tunnel from under the haystack to my house. It was only through that tunnel that I was able to escape from there.

The king was very happy after hearing Birbal’s whole statement and said, “Wow! Birbal wow! Only you could have done this work.

The moral of the story is that the solution to the biggest problem can be easily found with understanding.

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