Conditions for validity of Azan

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Conditions for validity of Azan

Muwazin means who calls Azan in the time of the Salah. Hazrat Bilal (RA) was the Mwazzin of the Prophet (PBUH).

A Muwazzin should have these conditions for the validity of Azan. If the Muwazzin does not have these conditions, his Azan will be invalid.

According to Hanafi Mazhab:

  • The person must be a Muslim. If an apostate calls Azan, that will be considered as invalid.
  • The person should be male. The Azan of female is Makrooh and prohibited. The reasons if the prohibition is her voice should not be lauded. Her voice comes under her veil and Azan is for announcement. Therefore, if she reads Azan slowly, the target of Azan is missed. If she pronounces loudly, she commits a sin for purpose of rewards. In both cases, it is not necessary to called Azan again. Imam Abu Hanifa (RA) says, it is better to call the Azan again. Another reason is, this kind of female Azan is not reported anywhere in Islam.
  • A person should not be a child. It is necessary to be an adult. The Azan of those who are in the beginning of adultery or child is valid but it is Makrooh. The reason is people may understand it as a playing of childhood.
  • The Azan of made or drunk person is Makrooh.
  • A person should not call Azan in two Masjids in a single time.

Some people are preferred to be appointed as Muwazzin.

  • The Azan of an Alim (knows the Sunnah), pious, and who knows the time is Mustahab and better.
  • It is better that a person should read Azan regularly.
  • A person should read Azan in Taharah.
  • It is Sunnah that the Muwazzin should call the Iqamahh too.
  • It is not good take money or any salary etc. for calling Azan. Azan is a worship that should be for his own rewards.[1]

Etiquettes (Adab) and Desirable things for a Muwazzin

There are some Adabs for a Muwazzin.

  • The Muwazzin should be a pious person.
  • The Muwazzin should have knowledge of Islam and the Sunnah.
  • The Muwazzin should know the time of the Salah.
  • The Muwazzin should be with Wazu.
  • The Muwazzin Should be facing the Qibla, if he is not riding.
  • The Muwazzin should put his fingers (both) on the ear.
  • The Muwazzin should turn his face toward right in “Hayya Alas Salah”.
  • The Muwazzin should turn his face toward left in “Hayya Alal Falah”.
  • The Muwazzin should turn in his elevator or Minar.
  • The Muwazzin should take a pause in such manner that people could gather for the Salah.
  • The Muwazzin should wait for such pause, which is sufficient to read three little Ayah of the Holy Quran or can walk at least some steps.[2]

Avoidable things in Reciting Azan

The bellow mentioned situations are recommended to avoid in the Azan.

  • Talheen: it is the ups and down of the voice in very Shahadah.
  • Reciting Azan and Iqamah without Wazu.
  • Reciting Azan in impurity where bath is necessary.
  • Reciting Azan in childhood without full sense.
  • Azan of mad.
  • Azan of drunk.
  • Azan of women.
  • Azan of Fasiq, (depraved, wicked, evil or clean shave etc. please refer to the Fasiq in the Sharia.)
  • Ibne Quadama added that the Muwazzin should not give the Azan in different time. People will get confused about the time.

(Note: If any of them occurred, it is Mustahab to repeat the Azan not the Iqamah. If Azan is not repeated, the Azan will be considered as valid.[3]

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